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Terms and Conditions

If you wish to make a booking then it is important that you have first read and understood our terms & conditions of hire.  If you make a payment or part payment for a booking we take that as confirmation that you have agreed to our terms.

Call or email us for a quote which will be based on the purpose of your use of the hall and the exact dates, times and equipment required.  Should you need to leave your possessions (e.g. exhibits or equipment) in the hall overnight then that will prevent us from hiring the hall to other users and your booking times will reflect this.

Discounts are available for local, non-profit events and local club/society meetings.  This can be discussed with your booking agent who will ensure you get the best price available.

Terms and Conditions for renting the
Brancaster Staithe and Deepdale Village Hall

RIGHTS OF OCCUPATION: Agreement to these conditions confers no right of tenancy or any other right of occupation or use by the Hirer. No occupation will be allowed without a confirmed booking which requires that it is shown in the online calendar. CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING: No booking will be confirmed without payment or part payment. Payment or part payment will be taken as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. PAYMENT: The full hiring cost is required to be paid on booking for two or fewer days or part day bookings. For other multiple day bookings, a deposit of 25% of the total hiring cost will be required and full payment made two weeks prior to the first date of the booking. Regular and weekly bookings for local groups may be invoiced every three months in arrears at the end of each calendar quarter by arrangement with the Treasurer. PAYMENT BEFORE OCCUPATION: If a deposit has been paid then the balance of the payment is due two weeks before occupation. In the case of late payment, the Management Committee retains the right to let the Village Hall to other parties and any deposit paid would not then be refundable. CANCELLATION OF BOOKING: Any deposit or full payment made for a confirmed booking which is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the hire date is not refundable. A full refund will be made of any booking cancelled prior to two full weeks of the booking when made in writing to the Booking Agent. CHILDREN AND VULNERABLE ADULTS: Where the Hirer is using the Village Hall for activities involving Children and/or Vulnerable Adults, such Hirer must ensure compliance with all relevant legislation (including but not limited to the Children Act 1989) and should ensure that only fit and proper persons have access to such Children and/or Vulnerable Adults. The Hirer should have in place appropriate policies and procedures to ensure compliance with this provision. FIRE REGULATIONS: The maximum number of persons, including staff, permitted in the Village Hall is 99 in total at any one time. Hirers should familiarise themselves with: * Evacuation procedures and assembly point * Location of emergency exits * Location and type of fire extinguishers available * Ensure exits are not obstructed In the event of fire, occupants should exit via the emergency exits and assemble on the playing fields until everyone is accounted for. ALCOHOL: The hall has no licence for the sale of alcohol on the premises under any circumstances. Alcohol may be given away free of charge as long as this offer is not connected to the sale of any other ticket or paid event in the hall. The free offer must be open to all comers. If a licence is required then the Hirer must apply for a temporary licence to sell alcohol on the Village Hall premises from: Licensing, Environmental Health and Housing, King’s Court, Chapel Street, King’s Lynn. Tel 01553 616401. SALE OF GOODS: The Hirer shall, if selling goods on the premises, comply with Fair Trading Laws and any code of practice used in connection with such sales. ELECTRICITY: Electricity is included in the cost of hire. PARKING: Parking for 12 cars is included in the hire charge. Parking is available after 6pm on the playing field at no extra charge if notice is given in good time. INSURANCE: Third Party Public Liability insurance is included. The Hirer is responsible for any personal valuables, stock, equipment or any other items brought into the Village Hall in the case of fire, theft or accidental damage. ACCIDENTS AND DANGEROUS OCCURRENCES: The Hirer must report all accidents to the Booking Agent in the first instance, who must complete the relevant section of the Village Hall Accident Book. Any failure of equipment belonging to the Village Hall must be reported to the Booking Agent as soon as possible. Certain types of accident or injury must be reported to the local authority in accordance with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995. Hirers are responsible for first aid during their tenure and must inform the Booking Agent if anything is used from the first aid box. HEALTH AND SAFETY: The Hirer must take reasonable care to ensure that they do not endanger themselves or anyone else who might be affected by their activities. They must: * Inform the Booking Agent immediately if they consider any facility provided to be unsafe * To report immediately any damage to equipment * To be conversant with and comply with the requirements of codes of practice that may apply to them, for example, if they use outside contractors such as caterers, there may be specific standards that should be checked for own peace of mind. RISK ASSESSMENT: Hirers are responsible for their own risk assessment during the tenure of their occupancy of the Village Hall. INDEMNITY: The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Village Hall against the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the premises and all claims in respect of damage or loss of property or injury to persons arising as a result of the Hirer's use of the Village Hall. CCTV: Hirers should be aware of the presence of internal and external CCTV cameras. These are installed to maintain a safe environment at the Village Hall, to deter criminal acts against the property of the Village Hall and to its visitors and to assist in identifying persons who have committed an offence. Surveillance footage will be undertaken in line with data protection principles in the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 and will be kept for three months for security purposes. Footage that is no longer required will be destroyed in line with the aforementioned legislation. END OF HIRE: The Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the Village Hall (and surrounding vicinity) in a clean and tidy condition and safely secured. The Village Hall Committee reserves the right to make an additional charge in the event that it incurs expense or loss as a result of any breach of this provision. CLEANING: The hall and kitchen are both available for use by the Hirer. They should be left clean and tidy and in good condition. If necessary, damage repairs or extra cleaning charges will be invoiced to the Hirer at a cost determined by the Management Committee. Limited cleaning equipment is in the kitchen and the storeroom but no chemicals or cleaning substances are provided. Hirers are expected to bring their own cleaning materials if required. TABLES AND CHAIRS: There are a large number of tables and chairs stored in the hall and store room which are included in the hire. These must not leave the premises without specific permission to do so. Two trolleys are provided to prevent injury from lifting tables or chairs. Hirers are requested to stack tables and chairs sensibly after use and not to block any fire exits. DISPLAY BOARDS: Display boards and hanging fixings are available for use by the Hirer, who is responsible for the deployment of the boards from store and their return. Nails, pins, tacks, adhesives or similar fixings are not to be used on the display boards. The stands are stored in the shed outside the main hall and the Hirer is responsible for erecting the stands and returning them to the shed after hire. The stands are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre and care should be taken to erect them in accordance with the instructions kept with the stands. Allow one hour for 2 persons to erect or dismantle all stands. The Committee will not be liable for any damage to any persons or property caused by use of the exhibition stands. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: All electrical equipment belonging to the Village Hall is regularly PAT tested. Customers/Exhibitors may use their own equipment during their tenure of the Village Hall but are expected to ensure that such equipment is similarly tested and safe to use and will be switched off at all times when the Hall is unoccupied. ALTERATIONS: The Hirer is prohibited from making any alterations to the Village Hall (or from attaching any fixtures of any nature whatsoever). CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBERS are attached to the window at the front of the hall.

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